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Sum of the few

The ‘Sum of the Few’ label was launched to showcase the very best from vintage to vintage. It’s a new approach to winemaking in Australia, giving us the flexibility to scour the top wine regions in Australia for the best grapes and producing a range of small-yield premium wines.

The ‘Sum of the Few’ is our promise to aficionados of Australian wines. Small batches of only the best of any given vintage.

The range begins with the 2010 Shiraz made from grapes sourced from the Strathbogie Ranges. The resulting wine demonstrates a myriad of aromas and flavours from violets, red forest fruits, black pepper and complex spicy oak.


Graphic artist for marketing Label and artistic director of the web site.

Our Winemaker – Michael Clayden

We can ask questions about wine and grapes in general, we come almost always religiously on the miracles of nature and its wonderful possibilities.

Born into an Anglican family, my father quickly educated me, the family principles: be honest, be yourself. I grew up in a region marked by Australian wine “Sunraysia” and it is almost consequently, I fell into the wine industry.I remember in 1984, my first job as a Cellar Hand, at Lindemans Karadoc to clean a distillation tank from many hundreds of thousands of insect larvaes each an inch long. With the older hands, watching on and laughing I’m sure.

As weird as it sounds, this experience at Lindemans set up the rest of my life. I stayed there for 14 years working my way up the ladder, supervising the Cellar, managing teams and of course learning a great foundation for wine making. To get more experience I moved to a Lindemans winery Yenda (Riverina) as a Cellar Manager. As I developed concepts of tasting, smelling, I was remembering at this moment what my father taught me :
Be Honest, Be Yourself.

There is something divine in the wine and that is why I decided to devote my life to understand its mystical meaning, to decipher its mechanism and maybe, for sin, to mystify it…

Wine called me then, to the Strathbogie Ranges as a Winemaker. This position requires intuition, perception, and sometimes making mistakes. There is nothing more natural in human nature than making mistakes and as Hugh White (1773-1840) said one day : “When you make a mistake, don’t look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.” Mistakes are made, you look forward, you grow and you change your perception of life and winemaking. This lead me to think collectively not individually. We used to say “Two brains is better than one and five better than two”. This is right and through this website, we would like to show that the Sum of the Few is greater than its parts.

Of course I had other experiences in my life, and I would love to share the rest of it or even philosophical thought with you around a couple bottles of wine…

Michael Clayden
Wine Maker & Co-Founder
Sum Of The Few